Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Craig Wheeland

Hey Everyone! Meet the man behind our Public Administration Theory class… (drumroll)…

… Dr. Craig Wheeland!

Dr. Wheeland posing with the Philadelphia Union’s Bimbo (pronounced “beem-bo”) Bear.  Bimbo Bakeries USA is the baked foods manufacturing company that sponsors the team.

Name: Craig M. Wheeland, Ph.D

Title:  Professor of Public Administration and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hometown:  Radnor Township, PA

Years @ Nova:   23

What is your favorite thing about being a part of Nova Nation? I enjoy walking around the beautiful campus and being part of an academic program with a strong sense of community

Extracurriculars: Golf and being a fan of the Philadelphia Union

If you could take any MPA course what would it be and why?  MPA 8500 Effective City Management.  I’d enjoy discussing the case studies with our township managers teaching the course

What is your favorite movie?  Tough choice so I’ll offer two: Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia

What is your favorite book and why? Tom Sawyer because Mark Twain presents a wonderfully funny and honest portrait of boys and girls growing up while also addressing significant social issues

What is your hidden talent? Knowing how to win and lose – gracefully

What tips would you offer for new MPA students? Don’t hurry through the program so you have time to reflect on ideas and to remember them

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