Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Catherine Wilson

Hey All! Meet one of our favorites – Dr. Wilson!


Name: Catherine E. Wilson

Title: Associate Professor and Nonprofit Coordinator, Department of Public Administration

Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA

Years @ Nova:  7

What is your favorite thing about being a part of Nova Nation?  As an alumna of Villanova, I feel very fortunate to be back on campus, teaching and working alongside former professors and new colleagues.  I have learned and continue to learn much from both cohorts!

Extracurriculars:  Hiking, kayaking, listening to live music

If you could take any MPA course what would it be and why?  MPA 8100 – Decision Making.  Making well-informed and prudent decisions is at the heart of running a good enterprise and instilling confidence in others.

What is your favorite movie? The Count of Monte Cristo

What is your favorite book and why?   Democracy in America.  Alexis de Tocqueville is one of the finest and most poignant writers of  American political culture.  His findings in the 1830s are still as relevant today as they were then.

What is your hidden talent? I actually like signing and have been involved in a range of groups – as lead singer in a band in high school, to participation in classical choral group, and most recently through performance in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical.  I am trying to get back involved in singing as I find there is nothing more satisfying than music.

What tips would you offer for new MPA students?  The learning process never ends.  While in the program, take time to attend events, lectures, and conferences on issues that are of importance to you and taking place in your own regions.  In doing this, you’ll quickly realize that the knowledge you gained in the program has direct application to the important issues in the world.  Finding the connection between theory and practice is essential for all professionals in the field of public administration.  It will set you apart from your counterparts in the field by providing a level of sophistication to your work.