Meet your Online Program Student Mentors!

In a post last week, we introduced you to two of our online program student mentors. These senior students volunteer their time, offering advice, guidance and support to their fellow MPA students. Get to know two more of our mentors below:

Brian Fisher
South Bend, IN

Online Student Mentor Brian FisherHello everyone, Brian Fisher here. Born and Raised in South Bend, Indiana. Yes, I live a mile from The University of Notre Dame, but I wanted to attend a real Catholic school! 😉 My career path has changed in the last year, taking me from hospital outreach to community relations. Currently, I work in Community Relations for the City of Buchanan, Michigan.

Why did you choose Villanova? I could tell you I chose Villanova University because it is the #1 ranked Regional University–North—Master of Public Administration Program (MPA), but I chose Villanova because it’s one of the nation’s best Catholic Universities.

Number of courses completed: Seven classes down and five to go in the MPA program, and I’m here to tell you the time flies by!

What was your favorite course in the program so far and why? My favorite class so far has been 8002—Organizational Theory. 8002 is a tough class, but I still and always will, use the theories in my personal and professional life. I’ve really enjoyed every class, as Villanova’s MPA program prepares you for real world complications with real world professors.

How do you plan to use your MPA once you have completed the program? Once I complete the MPA program, I would like to find a job in city emergency preparedness. Villanova’s MPA program will further my understanding in and how to apply theories and applications to my new career.

Tell us an interesting fact or story about yourself: I have been a professional musician for 22 years, and my fist professional gig—when I was 17—was opening for Cheap Trick!


Allison Bergeron
Orange County, CA

Online Student Mentor Allison BergeronCurrent position/organization: Director of Admissions Marketing & Planned Giving at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA

Number of courses completed: 10, completing the program in Dec. 2013

Why did you choose Villanova? I received my undergraduate degree in 2000 from Villanova University and was searching for the right fit for a graduate program. When I heard Villanova was launching this program online I knew I found the right fit.

What was your favorite course in the program so far and why? I have enjoyed all of them. However, among my favorites: Public Administration Theory, Administrative Communication, Strategic Planning, Managing Public Networks, Public Personnel Management

How do you plan to use your MPA once you have completed the program? I aspire to higher leadership at my current organization or if the opportunity presents itself to work in executive leadership for a nonprofit. Regardless of where I end up, these courses have had incredibly relevant, practical subject matter for my career aspirations and work.

Tell us an interesting fact or story about yourself: My husband and I were married in the chapel at Villanova in 2004. We have a four year old daughter and are expecting our second child in January 2014. I’m calling this second one my MPA baby as he/she (gender is a surprise) has been learning along with me. I opted to double up each term and finish the program in one year. While it has been a challenge, I can happily say that you can juggle family, life, work, and this program successfully. More importantly, you’ll graduate with confidence knowing you made the right decision when you chose Villanova.

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