ICMA Mid-Career Managers Institute

From ICMA.org: Mid-Career Managers Institute: A focused development program for those who identify themselves as mid-career professionals.

ICMA University LodoMPA Alumni – Interested in a professional development opportunity in the field of municipal management? ICMA recently announced the 2014-2015 ICMA Mid-Career Managers Institute (MCMI). From their website:

“This is a one-year Leadership Development Program designed to meet the specific needs of mid-career managers.

Objective: MCMI is designed to enhance and develop participants’ leadership abilities and effectiveness. This is accomplished by providing:

  • Broader understanding of their responsibilities as leaders;
  • Perspective on some of the critical leadership and management issues facing mid-career managers; and
  • Understanding and awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to local government management.”

Interested? Visit ICMA.org for more information.