Video: Dr. Christine Palus – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Recognition Ceremony

As you may know, our very own Dr. Christine Palus was the faculty speaker this year at Villanova’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Recognition Ceremony. Dr. Palus says this was one of the “greatest honors” of her life. “I was truly thrilled to get to speak to such a wonderful group of graduates, families, friends, and colleagues,” she says. “Being that it was the first graduation for students from the online MPA program, it was even more special.”

Dr. Palus chose a topic she believed would appeal to people on both a personal and intellectual level – The Centrality of Place. Where we live, work, and play shapes us into who we are. She says that while the idea of place is easily overlooked, it is “of critical importance to our quality of lives and the nature of democratic governance.”

The Leaders’ Lounge is pleased to bring you her speech, for all who were not at the event, or would like to hear her words once more:


The Leaders’ Lounge asked Dr. Palus what she hoped that listeners would take away from her speech: “Participation and engagement matter deeply to the quality of our neighborhoods, the health of our communities, and the overall functioning of democracy in America’s cities and towns. Each one of us has a fundamental role to play in ensuring that the “places” we call home are the best that they can be for all people.”