MPA Students and Staff at the Women of Color Luncheon

Back in May, a few MPA students and staff had the opportunity to attend the Women of Color Luncheon at Villanova, a special event now in its tenth year. The speaker this year was Shayna Yvonne Rudd, founder of The LadyDiva Corporation.

For attendees, the event was personally and professionally inspiring. “As a woman of color, I found the luncheon a holistic and enlightening day with classmates and colleagues,” said Latesha Sims. “The speaker of the hour empowered me as a woman of color and was the perfect diversion before finals to focus. I hope in the future more women can enjoy such a refreshing and inspirational experience.  Going forward I will be humbled by the fact that I have been blessed to be a blessing.”

MPA students and staff at the luncheon. Left to Right: Tapiwa Chadambura, Unique Saunders, Latesha Sims, Kyasha Tyson, Adrianne Adams, Duong Do, Stephanie Nissen

Tapiwa Chadambura says her take home message from the event was, “As you run your race, you are not in a competition. Cheer on those around you and never think you have nothing to offer. We all have something to offer.”

For more information about multicultural affairs outreach and diversity initiatives, visit the Villanova Center for Multicultural Affairs website.

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