MPA Students Awarded for Service

Congratulations to MPA students Emilia Allen and John Paul Hammond who won the Graduate Studies Service Award for 2013-14. The award recognizes “individuals whose contributions to graduate studies have enhanced the scholarly activities undertaken in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.” Both students were recognized for their work as student editors of the student journal CONCEPT.


The Leaders’ Lounge had the chance to catch up with the award winners:

“The opportunity to serve CONCEPT as an editorial board member allowed me to be a part of an interdisciplinary team and learn about the excellent scholarship that graduate students from all different departments were producing,” said Emilia Allen. “I am very humbled to receive this award. I hope that it will encourage others to continue having an active role in Villanova’s graduate school community”

John Paul Hammond told us, “I first began working on CONCEPT as a peer-reviewer during my Political Science MA program and then moved to being a Graduate Student Editor two times during my MPA program. The camaraderie among the CONCEPT staff is gratifying, as is the feeling of doing something truly worthwhile for VU. Receiving this award is simply a key indicator in a rigorous sense of the academic, personal and professional citizenship that Drs. Palus and Wilson try to instill in the department- thus far it would appear this works, so thank you!  Also, a big thank you to Drs. Hoskins (2013) and Sewell (2014)!”

Congratulations, JP and Emilia!