Student Spotlight: Kamira Evans

We interviewed current student Kamira Evans to get her perspective on public service, the MPA program at Villanova, and more!


What do you think is the most valuable aspect of Villanova’s MPA program?

There are several facets of the program that I find extremely valuable. One is the collaborative learning style that is encouraged in the classroom. The opportunity to learn not just from the professor but from each others real world experiences is very beneficial. It’s great to be able to work through various viewpoints and thought processes, and to see case studies through the eyes of a colleague.

Another aspect that I think really positively impacts the program is the Advisory Board. I recently had the privilege of attending the Annual MPA Advisory Board meeting, and it was very interesting to see the process from the perspective of a student. I’m currently taking Public Personnel Management, and it was interesting to see the Department engaging in the processes of organizational learning and knowledge management in a way that benefits the students.

What’s your favorite thing about the Nova Nation?

I really like how the MPA program makes an effort to be inclusive and hold events for MPA students so that they feel like they are a part of the Nova Nation. I also love the overall commitment to community service that the University embodies.

How has your time with the MPA Program thus far helped you in your career?

The process of analyzing my organization and department from different angles has really helped me think about the challenges we face and potential solutions that can be implemented.

student spotlight kamira evans
Kamira Evans


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