Some Cool Happenings in our Department!

Did you know we offer an online Public Service and Administration undergraduate major? Our own Dr. Wilson and adjunct faculty member Meg Rego, who is also the Associate Director of the Maryland-DC Campus Compact, have been working incredibly hard recently designing and taping lectures for the course “Overview of the Nonprofit Sector.” We also have had visitors to campus to tape lectures for the class!

One visitor was Dr. Wesley Proctor, the Founder/CEO of Wesley Proctor Ministries in Philadelphia.  Dr. Proctor was interviewed for “Overview of the Nonprofit Sector”about his work helping individuals start 501(c)(3) organizations.
Dr. Wilson, Dr. Proctor, and Meghan Rago

Dr. Wilson, Dr. Proctor, and Meghan Rego


Another interviewee was Tina Wahl, President of the Barra Foundation. She was interviewed about her involvement in philanthropy in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Meghan Rego, Dr. Wilson, and

Meghan Rego, Dr. Wilson, and Tina Wahl


Finally, Zabeth Teelucksingh, Executive Director of the Global Philadelphia Association, was interview about the importance of marketing and communications for nonprofits.

Dr. Wilson and Zabeth Teelucksingh

Dr. Wilson and Zabeth Teelucksingh

Thank you so much to our wonderful visitors for your insight! Stay tuned for a post later in this semester with details on exactly how an online course is developed! 🙂