Faculty Spotlight: Joe Bucci

Meet Joe! He is a faculty member for our online MPA program. We got to catch up with him and ask a few questions about his experiences in our online program and the field of public service in general. Check it out!


1) Tell us a little bit about your professional background. What made you join Villanova MPA?

My professional background includes a combination of experience in the human resources field as well as experience as an instructor and workshop facilitator.  I have held a variety of senior level positions in human resources over the past thirty-five years including positions in both the government and non-profit sectors.  I addition, I have been teaching as an adjunct instructor for the past thirty years.  Currently, I work in HR consulting with a variety of government and non-profit clients in the areas of strategic HR planning, performance management and executive development.  My educational background includes a Doctorate in Education, Masters of Science in Human Resource Management, Maters of Business Administration in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Psychology.

2) That’s impressive! As a faculty member, what do you think is the most valuable aspect of Villanova’s online MPA program?

Tough economic times call for increased efficiency and better organization in all types of institutions, especially in public sector and non-profit jobs.  Both sectors will likewise see more need for professional, analytical, and qualitative skills at all levels of the organization.  Less funding and a constricted environment call for individuals who understand how to steer an organization through uncertain times. Since non-profits strive to address targeted needs and issues, communicating the cause to the public in order to receive financial support will be an important component of your role in the future.  The MPA from Villanova will prepare you for the leadership and decision-making challenges to advance within the government as well as the nonprofit sector. Students in our program clearly understand public administration as it relates to research, theory, finance, leadership and strategic planning which makes them qualified to lead in the future.

3) What advice do you have for current MPA students?

Public servants play a crucial part in both the government and non-profit operations and can make a meaningful impact in the sector they serve.  Positions in the government sector are predicted to become more readily available since a wave of retirements is expected to hit the government workforce. For example, the average age of a federal employee is 47 and as of 2016, nearly a third of the federal workforce will be eligible to retire according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.  What makes a professional career in public service so unique is the emphasis on tackling challenging issues/problems.  The challenging issues that define the public agenda and call for talented individuals to devote their efforts to finding solutions have never been more significant.  Take the skills that you have learned in this program combined with your energy and dedication and create the public service environment that will not only meet, but exceed the needs of your constituency in the future.