Faculty/Course Highlight: Sally Slook and MPA 8299: Land Use Zoning

Did you know we offer some great 1 credit courses in the MPA curriculum? One of these courses is Land Use Zoning, taught by Sally Slook, who is the Assistant Township Manager for Upper Merion Township! We asked Sally a few questions about the course.


1) Can you give a synopsis of the course and what students should expect if they take it?

This course provides an overview on the concepts of land use, and zoning practices and regulations. Also, the course is designed to provide a “real world application” where top local professionals in the field come in and speak to the class about their experiences in the profession and applicable local projects.

2) Sounds awesome! Who have past class visitors/speakers been?

2015 – Judy Holton, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Planning Commission and Robert Loper, Township Planner for Upper Merion Township.

2016 – Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Planning Commission and Robert Loeper, Township Planner, Upper Merion Township.

3) What have past visitors done or talked about in class?

This year, Mr. O’Leary reviewed the Bryn Mawr Master Plan, which he worked on directly as a member of the Lower Merion Planning Commission. The students were able to review the actual sketch development plans and see the before and after results of a local planning process. Some of the students were able to drive into Bryn Mawr and see the changes first hand that were implemented. This experience helps the students understand zoning regulations and why they exist.

Brian O'Leary with MPA 8299 students

Brian O'Leary with MPA 8299 students

Brian O’Leary with MPA 8299 students


What a great way to incorporate hands-on learning into the program! Be sure to keep an eye out for Land Use Zoning class offerings in the future!!