A Day in the Life: Dave Grady

Our first “A Day in the Life” post features Dave Grady, Assistant Township Manager at Nether Providence Township (Wallingford), Delaware County. Let’s see what a typical work day looks like for Dave!


7:30        The best way to start off the day – holding and feeding my baby daughter, Norah!

8:30        Arrive at work (my view walking into the Nether Providence Township Building)

8:45        We received state funding for the Bullens Lane Park rehabilitation, so I had to call a landscaping company to get them to give us a quote. They’ve been giving us the run-around, so this is another follow-up. No luck.

8:55        I began working on a “request for a proposal” (RFP) for an engineering design consultant for a sidewalk and ADA ramp project for Moore Rd, which is right outside of a school, busy neighborhood, and a swim club.

9:05        I received a call from our township engineer. Spoke about the RFP for Moore, Bullens Lane Project, and how we needed to cite a roofing company that has been starting its work at 6:30 AM, an hour before the Township ordinance allows. As you might have guessed, neighbors aren’t appreciative of roofers that early in the morning.

9:15        I had my morning meeting with my Manager, Gary Cummings to discuss the day’s issues.

“Wait, you already took the picture?”

9:45        Answered various phone calls, related to various questions about permits, the summer camp, and the code book. If we start getting lots of calls and residents coming in, I’ll help out. Working with people (even the angry ones) is one of the things I like about my job.

10:30     I finally completed the Moore Road RFP, and sent it to the Project Manager at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) for her review.

10:45     I called our Township Engineer – our Landscaping company won’t call us back! I think we’ll need to go out to bid for the items. The landscaping company is part of a competitive purchasing program called COSTARS, so if an item for an expensive capital purchase costs more than $19K, it must go out to bid or be purchased through a competitive purchasing program COSTARS.

10:50     I emailed the Township solicitor/attorney. He has some paperwork I need for the Bullens Lane Park grant.

Doing some work in my office!

11:15     I spoke to the County’s Health Department Director official about West Nile Virus concern from a Township resident. Mosquitos suck (nudge nudge…sorry)

11:45     The landscaper called. Finally getting us our quotes!

12:10     One of our elected officials, who chairs the Community Enhancement Committee, comes in to discuss the Township’s summer camp. To dos: getting first aid and CPR certifications for the camp counselors.

“What? This is how I smile.”

12:30     Lunch – tuna fish…yumm. Now where are my mints?

1:15        I spoke with our engineer again. He recommended we meet with the roofing contractors to tell them to stop blatantly ignoring warnings about starting too early.

1:30        We’re getting quotes for overhauling our IT system. I sent out another RFP to a few IT companies, including our current one.

1:45  Our Secretary took the afternoon off, so I’m helping at the front desk when residents come in. Most of the staff take turns helping out with the phones and residents.

“…You’re not the usual secretary. Do you know what you’re doing?”

2:15 Began working on grant applications for Furness Park and Parkridge Drive Outfall. The first grant is to develop a park with trails in the heart of the Township. The second grant is for repairing a stormwater runoff structure. This stuff can get expensive quickly, so grants are important!

Reviewing some plans for one of the grants.

3:00 As the liaison between the Township and the Park and Recreation Commission, I spoke with some members of the Parks Commission regarding some topics for the upcoming meeting. Here is an actual photo from our meeting:

Fun fact: For the Parks and Recreation fans out there, I, like Ben Wyatt, am a CPA that started out as an auditor, and then became an Assistant Manager.

3:30 Discussed with SEPTA the bus route changes related to a $90M bridge replacement project.

4:45 Along with our Zoning Officer, we reviewed zoning for lot in which a potential buyer is deciding to build a home.

Our Zoning Officer with the code book and zoning map.

On nights where the Board of Commissioners (the elected officials) meet, I get to be on TV! The Commissioners discuss the important issues of the Township. The major TV networks are glad we only meet twice a month, because we must destroy their ratings.

That’s me in between our Police Chief and Township Engineer. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the meeting is over for autographs.


So awesome! Thanks so much for letting us see your work world, Dave!