From Villanova to the University of Washington: Zach Bowen

Meet Zach! He is a current MPA student at Villanova who is spending the semester at the University of Washington as a visiting graduate student! Zach is taking courses in UW’s Urban Development program. Regarding his semester, Zach said:

“I will be taking courses on the profession of urban planning itself and the history of urban development both domestically and internationally. I’m using this semester as an opportunity to expand my knowledge of urban development, which falls under the larger umbrella of public administration.”

Zach is taking three courses this semester – one is Survey of Urban Planning, which is a comprehensive introductory course which melds together urban theory, practical application, and insight into the profession itself. Another is Historic Preservation planning, which Zach says plays to his strengths as a former history teacher and is a subset of planning he has long been interested in! Finally, he is taking a one credit seminar on the professional role of the planner within the fabric of a community called Planning As a Profession.

Great work, Zach! Enjoy your semester in Washington!

Zach at the University of Washington

Zach at the University of Washington