Heroes to Heroes: MPA Student Michael Brown

MPA student Michael Brown volunteers with Heroes to Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing peer support, suicide prevention, and a spiritual healing for veterans suffering from PTSD and Moral Injury. Members of the organization recently traveled to Israel, where U.S. soldiers with PTSD met their Israeli counterparts.

Michael said this about the organization and trip:

“No one comes home from combat without scars. But for those with deep invisible scars (PTSD, TBI or, perhaps worst, Moral Injury) there are limited options for moving past your wartime service. We take vets all the time that have exhausted everything the VA has to offer. They’ve tried all the therapies. They’ve exhausted the formulary list of medications in the VA pharmacy. There’s still something missing. I wish we could take credit for it, but we can’t. All we do is deliver them to Jerusalem and sit them down beside each other and their IDF counterparts. The rest can only be explained as the healing power of a return to a state of Grace.”

You can watch media coverage of the trip here. Amazing work, Michael!

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