Alumni Spotlight – Charlie Colato

Meet Charlie, an alumnus of our online MPA program! Charlie was born in raised in Los Angeles, CA, where he currently resides. Currently, he is in the process of joining the Air Force’s Space and Missile Command as a Presidential Management Fellow, where he will work as a Contracting Specialist. When Charlie is not chasing around his year and half old daughter, Charlie enjoys rooting for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox, and occasionally reading a book now that he’s done with grad school and can read for pleasure again.


1) What are you up to now? Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

Since completing the MPA program, I received a promotion at work. I went from being an Administrative Analyst 1 in the Public Works Department to Senior Administrative Analyst in the Library Services Department (I got to skip the Administrative Analyst 2 position in the process). I will definitely say that completing my MPA had a lot to do with being afforded the promotion opportunity because prior to it, I was not having any luck. Since my promotion I also got selected as a finalist for the 2017 Class for the Presidential Management Fellows program. I’m currently seeking an appointment opportunity in the program, which will grant me the status as a fellow in its full right.

2) What made you decide to join Villanova’s MPA program?

I chose Villanova for my MPA studies because the school’s name is known nationally. Notoriety was an important factor for me because graduate school is a substantial investment of time and money. Having the school win the national championship in basketball last year definitely did not hurt in that department (go Wildcats!). Attending the program definitely made me feel good about my decision beyond what I had considered on its surface because the professors on top of being absolute professionals were personable, approachable, and seemed to be passionate about what they were teaching.

3) What advice do you have for current MPA students?

My best advice to current students is stick with it! You will feel really accomplished when you complete the program and you will find many opportunities will open up for you once you graduate. I felt so blessed to not only have great professors and lectures, but also great classmates as well. My classmates were instrumental in being able to gain so much perspective in grad school. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that people come into the program with the perspectives they gained from their undergraduate education and work experience, which is virtually different for each individual in the program.

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