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Happy Chinese New Year!

YearoftheHorseTomorrow, the Year of the Horse begins. Anticipating the Chinese New Year, Dr. Catherine Wilson and MPA students Kyle Whitmire, Sophie Lee, and Latesha Sims, and Political Science grad student Laura Caccioppoli ventured into the cold and embarked on a 4-hour long walking tour of Philadelphia’s Chinatown. The event was organized as part of a class outing for MPA 8199: Cultural Competency.

Led by a guide from Free Tours by Foot-Philadelphia, the tour’s content was a mixture of history, community development, arts/culture, and food tasting. The group stopped at pastry shops for moon cakes, enjoyed authentic bubble tea and dumplings, and visited an underground grocery store.

Bread Top House Moon Cakes
A selection of Moon Cakes at Bread Top House at 10th and Race Streets.
Asian Tea Selection
An aisle dedicated to a variety of teas in the underground Asia Supermarket.

Despite the below freezing temperatures, the group had a great time and highly recommends Free Tours by Foot! Thanks to Dr. Wilson for sharing her photos and this story with the Leaders’ Lounge. Happy Chinese New Year from Villanova’s MPA program!

Rehabilitation vs. Redevelopment

Check out this article from NextCity.org:

Rehabilitation vs. Redevelopment

Interesting thoughts here, as we can visualize this through the lens of Philadelphia.  We often speak of the “Urban Renewal” phenomenon in the 1970’s as a mistake, but are we still making those same decisions now?  This issue is easy to see in large, sprawling cities but even smaller towns should take a look at their historic properties.

Full link to the article: http://nextcity.org/daily/entry/a-lot-of-tiny-pieces-lost-historic-preservation-vacant-properties

(via nextcity.org)