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Student Spotlight: Brandon Celentano

Meet Brandon! Brandon is in his third and final year of the MPA program. He graduated from Villanova in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and currently works full-time in Villanova’s Alumni Relations Office. We checked in with him about his time with Villanova MPA thus far!


1) What do you think is the most valuable aspect of Villanova’s MPA program?

What I like most about the program is the incredible diversity of the student body. I have had classmates who work in literally every sector of business, government and nonprofit, and they all bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the table. It allows for thought-provoking class discussions where I’m able to learn so much just by listening and talking to my colleagues. The fact that several classes regularly employ group projects and in-class group activities really facilitates this process of peer-to-peer learning.

2) How has your time with the MPA program thus far helped you in your career?

The program has enabled me to think more critically about my work and how I can do better. I love that nearly every class has a capstone assignment that challenges me to apply what I have learned to improve either my organization or another of my choosing. As a result, I’ve become more adept at identifying problems at work and I am more comfortable speaking out about things that I think can be enhanced or fixed.

3) What is your favorite thing about the Nova Nation?

The people with whom I work and learn are my favorite part of the Nation. At work, I feel truly blessed to have colleagues who are passionate about what they do and are always willing to lend a helping hand. In class, I am equally fortunate to be surrounded by faculty and classmates who genuinely care about my success both in and out of the classroom.

Brandon (left) at Villanova’s May 2016 Commencement

Villanova Women’s Professional Network Event 2/17

The Women’s Professional Network Spring Speaker Series is underway!

Please join VWPN on Wednesday February 15 for a presentation by Joann Lublin, Management News Editor, Wall Street Journal and author of Earning It, followed by a Q&A and a book signing in the Connelly Center, Villanova Room from 6-8 p.m.

RSVP is required. Please RSVP by February 10, 2017 at this link. Refreshments will be served during the book signing from 7-8 p.m.

When Public Administration and Music Collide: Jordan Falciani and Whaler

When Jordan Falciani isn’t being a dedicated student in our MPA program, he’s playing with his band, Whaler. His time in the MPA program has paralleled in various ways with his musical career! Here’s what he had to say when reflecting on his MPA/music crossover:

“Ive often said that a band is a bit like a start up: Some friends have an idea (songs), they get some office space (a studio, or in our case a basement), they develop a product (a record), and share that product with people who are passionate about it (your friends, and people you meet at shows who become fans). Ive been playing music with some friends since 2013, Whaler is the name of our current iteration. Whaler developed concurrent to my studies as an MPA candidate and over the past couple years Ive used a few of the skills I learned in public administration courses to help Whaler be an effective project:

●     Lateral Hierarchy- No one person is in charge so we all have to hold each other accountable for sharing responsibility, especially for big projects.

●     Branding- Any organization today has to develop a brand. As a team everyone spends a little bit of time each week fielding emails or crafting social media posts.

●     Development- Always talk to people at shows, thank them for coming. Everyone gets people to come out to shows.  Everyone sells a few tapes and you do that by meeting  people.

●     Strategic Planning- Everybody has busy lives and if you don’t plan certain things well in advance they’re never going to happen. We recently went on tour. To do that we all sat down and planned out the steps of how to get there (I covertly got the rest of the guys to use SMART goals). Then you follow-up and check in on progress along the way (you always need to evaluate your programs right?).

 Check us out at the Barbary in Philadelphia. Sunday November, 20th!”

Nice work, Jordan! PS – you can check out Whaler’s music here!